A poem for you.

I took a detour

On my way to you…

I stopped along the outskirts

Of the woods you used to own,

And picked a couple handfuls

Of the wildflowers that we thought once, ours…


It breaks my heart a little

To pluck these beauties

From the earth,

But I can’t stop myself…

They’re more to me

Than a vase full of apologies…

They scream,

“I won’t forget you!”

I couldn’t.


And now – As much as it pains me

To separate them from the ground…

My heart tells me

That they no longer belong to this fertile soil.


You, Wildflower,

Are soon to be taken from this earth…

With so many lives

Lived in those

Vibrant yellow petals.

You will forever be remembered as

Growing tall,

Wherever the winds carried you.






That’s how I’ll forever see you.





But a vapor…


If my life is but a vapor,

I pray it be a sweet-smelling one.

If the blink of an eye

Departs me from this life,

I pray your face be my parting frame.

If I am merely dust,

I pray to settle somewhere near the coast…

To be washed up and down the shores of

His creation – Until the sun and the moon

Bid one another farewell…

And the waves of time no longer exist.

-Becky Moore