True story. 

I’d been wondering for a few weeks now how we were going to make this work. How we were gonna still be us after the move. All we’d ever really known as a couple were weekends together, late nights spent with just the two of us – Laughing and loving each other. I hadn’t realized until now how sheltered we had been. 

Now, laying on this pier together, looking at the stars reflecting on the lake…listening to the crickets sing their lullaby – Waiting for the fish to be caught up in our trout lines…I’m suddenly afraid that this is all about to end. My dream of being with this man for my whole life seems like just that – A dream. 

When we leave the quiet of our small town for college, and he sees me outside of here, under new lights – How will he still want me? But he says he loves me – And I know he means it. I just wonder, will it be enough for us to make it? 

I have to stop this crazy train of thought…I’m lying in this beautiful man’s arms and right now – I trust that this is real. 

“What will happen to us, Michael?”

“We’ll make it work, Beck.”


Y’all – One of my secret pleasures is reading fictional love stories. This morning I started thinking about my real-life sappy love story and I remembered this moment that my husband and I had right before we left for college…laying on our friend’s pier at the lake…close to midnight, just after we’d set trout lines with our closest friends. I remember wanting so desperately to be with this man for all my life – So scared of losing him. And here we are now, 17 years later, still loving each other with a fierceness that has only grown stronger with time. 

I’m so thankful for my nonfiction sappy love story:)

XOXO, Beck