Planting seeds.

I was tired from a long day of traveling the English countryside…We had been exploring castles, rocky beaches, and cathedrals. It felt like we were almost back to our starting point when we stopped again. I put my book down, it had kept me occupied in all the downtime, and wearily exited the bus…

It was a small chapel – Nothing apparently special about it. But there was something…something in its simple grandeur. We arrived after church hours and a kind woman opened up for us. Immediately I felt like I was in my childhood church that had burned down a couple years back.

As I walked around the chapel, respectfully looking at the stained glass windows and beautiful architecture, I began to get the feeling that I must sing in this little chapel on the hill. I don’t know about anyone else…how the Holy Spirit works in them, but when He is nudging me towards something, my heart rate sky rockets and I just know that it’s Him and not me leading my thoughts and actions.

The sign on the podium had a scripture on it, and each person that walked through the doors of the chapel would surely see it. The thing that caught my eye was JESUS in bold print. From the moment I walked in, until the moment I walked out, I was singing Something About That Name in my head – And maybe whistling it as I walked:)

When I was a young girl, up until my church burned down, I would steal moments away in my church with the stained glass windows. When everyone was gone…when beams of colored sunlight lit up the space…when only God was present to hear – I would sing to Him my offerings of praise and adoration.

Now, in a hillside chapel somewhere in the English countryside, my heart rate wouldn’t let up on me, and I decided that I couldn’t leave without doing what I knew had to be done. There are times when one MUST worship the Father. And when your natural way is through song, you just can’t hold it in…it’s a whistle eeking out…a hum that never ends…a song sung in a chapel on a hill. So I waited for everyone to exit, except our tour guide and the kind woman that opened the doors for us, and asked…

“Do you mind if I sing a song?”

“Of course not…go ahead.”

So I sang a song…



There’s just something about that name.


Like the fragrance after the rain.


Let all Heaven and earth proclaim.

Kings and kingdoms will all pass away,

But there’s something about that name.


When I was through singing, our tour guide ZoZo hugged me and told me that he would never forget that moment. The kind woman blessed me with tears in her eyes and hugged me as well. I felt like they acknowledged that it was Christ through me working in that moment.

As I took my seat on the bus, I thought about how important what just happened felt to me. How I was unsure of Zozo’s faith – He had never spoken the name of Christ Jesus around me, but he made it quite clear that he valued life and the profundity of it all. He was so very kind and generous…I felt like God used this gift that He’s given me to get that seed planted…

This moment he said he would never forget was all about Jesus.


It takes but a tiny seed planted…

It takes but two hands watering…

It takes but a morsel of faith…

For growth,

For abundance,

For life everlasting.


Your stage may feel small – The task you’ve been given may feel menial, and you may feel like it’s time to go on home…but trust that if you are a child of God, no endeavor done in His name could ever be small or unimportant and HE will give you strength the finish the course. 

He waters our seeds planted and makes them grow.

XOXO, Beck