Coffee talk.

What y’all up to?

Me…I’m just chilling’ with Duke, my sweet, spunky, crooked-eared maltipoo – Drinkin’ coffee…watching the rain fall through the kitchen windows. Birds are chirping. It’s nice. I just wonder how they aren’t gargling instead of chirping. Must be right under their birdhouse’s roofline…

My second cup of coffee is getting cold – But I think you can actually taste the coffee when it’s cold…so I’m good with it. My kids are still asleep – AT 7am! – That’s a big deal for me…I may have Children’s NyQuil Cold & Cough to thank for that. On an off note – How do my armpits already reek? It’s so weird – I’m not typing fast enough to generate wind beneath my wings to smell it…*Sniiiiff*…Yup. That smell that keeps you coming back for more. Like – It’s so awesome that I can smell like the prospective Jamaican window cleaner from 2126 Benton Road.

So. Awesome.

Gonna take all three kiddos to the doctor in an hour. I’m thinking about writing down each kid’s symptoms so I don’t get them all mixed up…But that wouldn’t be very much like me – So, never-mind. They’re little liars, though, when it comes to the doctor’s office…it’s like they give themselves a pass in that semi-sterile room. If an untruth can get them out of an injection – It’s worth it. I’m all,

Tell the truth, Baylor. You may not even need a shot…”

Evidently, I’m okay with lying at the doctor’s office as well.

Uh oh…Duke is chewing on a basket. Dude – He chews on CONCRETE. He will literally be sh*tting bricks. I did notice some sparkly stars in his poop the other day. I think the folks that do the averages on dog breed lifespans are gonna have to make some adjustments…maybe not – But probably.

I don’t know what I’m talking about. I’ve only had about 2 cups of coffee.

Well – It’s been nice chatting with you folks this fine rainy AM…I think it’s time for me to try out my new Chocolate Lucky Charms. Gonna be a big day:)

XOXO, Beck