You People. 

Okay – so I just have to have a REAL momming conversation with y’all.

Sometimes – A LOT of times – My kids are just Pouty Pattys and Bratty Bradys. I love them SO much…I just have to put that out there – But they have about done me in this past weekend.

I also want to put out there that I’m not looking for sympathy. I am seeking out other parents that are like, “Yeah! My kids are JUST like that sometimes!” Please tell me that we’re in this together, y’all. That’s all I want – To know that I wasn’t the only miserable parent this weekend. It wasn’t all bad – Just mostly. 😉

It doesn’t matter how many surprise pans of brownies I make – How many “Sure you can have a toy at Target” trips we make – How many staying up extra late on their iPads evenings – How many “You can BOTH sleep with me tonight!” bedtimes we have…

My kids can STILL find a way to figure out how they aren’t getting EXACTLY what they want.

I mean, seriously – One of them came home with a bad grade on their report card and I’M the one doing the consoling and figuring out how we can all have a fresh start.


The parent. 

I get my kid some shoes with heels on them this weekend – Mom’s the hero. I tell this kid that the temps won’t rise above 50 degrees this Sunday and she needs socks and boots – Mom’s the villain.

I am about to pull my greying hair out.

I literally almost cried telling the middle child that it’s getting very tiring to never be able to make her happy…

“Momma can’t handle being so wrong with y’all all of the time. I just can’t take the pouting anymore. You people are pushing me too far.”

I speak in third person when it’s all too much – Like subconsciously, Momma is trying to pretend that Momma is talking about some other sad, pitiful human being that’s trying not to cry because an 8 year old won’t be happy.

Momma is cray.

For my dramatic, brink-of-tears conversation, I received an aprehensive hug – A strained apology – And a suggestion on how I could more efficiently put her hair in a bun.


I have no suggestions on how to be a better parent – A better human being – A better anything, after the weekend I’ve had. My children have literally put me in my place for the past two days. I am officially riding low on a shetlin pony – or however you spell it. I hear they’re mean little neighers.

Aaah- I feel all kinds of better for getting that off my chest. Hope y’all have a super good week – unless you need to be on a shetlin pony;)

XOXO, Beck


Politics, race relations, football, religion and so on and so forth.

Well, I told myself not to do this…but you know me – And if you do not have that distinct pleasure, Let me tell ya – I don’t normally listen to my self when she’s right. Anyhow, I try my very best not to engage in conversations concerning subjects to which I am completely uneducated. For instance: Politics, racial relations, football, religion – I’ll talk about Jesus all day, btw – And so on and so forth. SO, what am I going to delve into on this fine Tuesday?!? Let’s cover them all!

My opinion on politics, racial relations, football, religion and all of the so ons and so forths is…

Most people are idiots…and miserable – Miserable idiots.

If you are reading this, you’re probably one of my friends…so you can automatically exclude yourself from this gross generalization. 🙂 Yes, most people are miserable idiots. They want to be right and want everyone else to be wrong.

I was getting ready this morning, sipping my first delicious cup of that good black drank, just thinking about politics and race relations…figuring out what I think about it all. I know, 5:30am is not the time to figure out how I feel about these important issues, and God told me so. I had to stop – mid-sip – And apologize to the Lord for trying to figure out how I could be the MOST right in how I felt. It’s true, though…I just don’t want to be wrong. I literally had to stop myself from being an idiot. I’ve gotten pretty good at recognizing when I’m turning down Idiot’s Lane.

In all seriousness, I’d like to offer up my very basic way of thinking…

  • I try very hard to not place the expectations I have for myself and my closest friends and family on people I have yet to encounter in person. The news and media shows the viewer what they want you to see – Which is not always the truth.
  • I try very hard to not think myself above anything. I’ve witnessed how easy it is for me to slip right down that slippery slope. I am no better than anyone else.
  • I ask God what His Word says about what I’m trying so hard to figure out, and be right about. I look to Him for answers.
  • I  try to remember that this life on earth is but a breath…a blink of the eye.
  • I live to love and serve my Creator, my family, His people and His creation.
  • If my mind is set on Christ and serving Him and His people – I am a person that is filled with the joy of the Lord.
  • Truth is precious and not to be traded for anything.
  • Music, art, and meditation in nature can cure any stress-related issue.
  • I try very hard to be more than just my opinions.

So there you have it folks…My opinion on politics, race relations, football, religion and so on and so forth. I think I covered it all. 🙂 I pray that we can all figure out how to live a life that is concerned enough, active enough, praying enough, loving enough, understanding enough…and when the time comes that we realize that we’re giving too much energy to causes and not enough to living this life, full and free…I pray that we pause and just give all of it to the Lord – Just pause and do something that you love. For me – I’d sing, while painting outside, dueting with nature.

XOXO, Beck