Flawed and Fully Loved.

Something in a sunrise spurs my soul to hope…
Something in the rain, reminds me to be thankful…
The songbird rises and greets me with its gift,
Because it cannot help but be itself.
Something in his song reminds me that we are connected…
Both divinely loved.


Crashing waves…
At sunset.
Salty wind on my face…
Sun-scorched feet in the sand.
There is no other place that I feel so small
And so very important at the same time.


Something about being flat on my back in the grass,
Eyes to the clear blue sky
That gently nudges me to remember what’s important…


The chance to wipe the tears from my child’s eyes…

To embrace the pain away.

To tell someone how important and loved they truly are…

The very moment that I think it.

To send a note in the mail.

The chance to forget about the plans…

And go exploring.

To simply smile at a stranger.

To find more joy in giving than receiving.

To sing…

Even when no one but God is listening.

The chance to be you.


I love life. My greatest joys are found in spending time with my family and friends – Singing about the greatness of my Creator and His creation – Painting…because there’s a  sunlit corner in my mind that says I simply must – Cooking for the hungry – Writing about things that strike a chord within me – Admiring the wonders of nature…And really,  Just being me…

Flawed and fully loved.

XOXO, Beck



Failing never felt so right.

So, my husband is Anti-Valentine’s Day…you guys already know that. I try to pretend like I’m above the hooplah, but y’all know I’m just kidding myself, right? I LOVE Valentine’s Day…unless my husband is on strike that year – Then I hate it, lol:) We shall see what the verdict is this year on February 15th! Anyhoo…That’s not really what this post is about. V-Day inspired my thought process – But it’s really just about how long I’ve been devoted to Michael Gene Moore II.

Michael and I started dating the summer of my sophomore year in high school. I was 16…and it didn’t take me long to fall in love with him. All I wanted was to be with Michael Moore. We didn’t go to the same high school and really, it worked for us. He could be friends with girls and I could be friends with boys – No drama. One of my favorite things to do was watch him play football under the Friday night lights. Rain or shine – Cold or hot…I was in the stands with his family, cheering on number 22.

Our senior year, I got the opportunity to go to his championship game in New Orleans. My mom told me that I could miss school as long as I was able to make up my work. Well, all of my teachers, except for my English one, allowed me to do just that…SO – I chose to take my failing grades rather than miss my honey’s game that year. I never told my mom that I chose F’s over missing a football game…sorry, Momma! πŸ™‚ I feel better now – The truth shall set you free! lol… I never really understood why that teacher wouldn’t allow me to make up two day’s worth of work.

What I do know is that it matters more right now that I chose to support Michael while he was accomplishing something extremely important to him. This same teacher always wrote a letter to her class at the end of each year, making predictions for her students futures. My prediction had something to do with my loving Michael. At the time, it felt like an insult. She didn’t see anything academically significant in me – She only saw my high school sweetheart as my future.

Guys, she was so right. All I’ve ever really wanted was to be by Michael Moore’s side. My dream was to marry him and have his babies and just love him every single day of my life on this earth. So far, God has answered all of my prayers…He’s given me the most of everything with the man that I simply adore. What I thought was an insult, was actually a blessing. Having the love of a man like Michael is future enough for me. And I will always choose a failing grade in exchange for more time with my number 22!

Love you my Michael!

XOXO, Beck

I’m such a hypocrite.

So…I have pretty much made a stand against New Year’s resolutions for the past several years – Making fun, and choosing to revolt against reforming to such traditions – Dissolving the resolve… Well, I made a resolution this year and I didn’t even realize that I’d done it until about a month into it.

I accidentally made a New Year’s resolution.


What did I resolve to dissolve, you might ask? Brace yourselves…Seriously, you may want to sit down.

I have chosen to drink no alcohol for an entire year. GASP! Looks of abhorrence ensue… Yep. I did decide this. For my friends that don’t drink any alcohol – Kudos to you. For real – I’m not being a douche about it, that’s awesome. To all of you other heathens – Kudos to you too. I’m sure there’s a reason that you partake. This is how my drinking has progressed…

First child: Diet sodas. Had to put down those yummy Dr. Peppers and lose some baby weight.

Second child: Coffee. No explanation required.

Third child: Wine. Wine. Wine.

And this is why I never had a fourth – who KNOWS what would have been next on the list! I can only guess it would have started with nar and ended with cotics. Just keeping it real, y’all. SO, back to the matter at hand…I have given up wine for anΒ ENTIRE year. For those of you that don’t know me super well – When I decide to do something, it’s pretty well done. I am a freaking pitbull when I set my mind on a goal. My husband would describe me more like a pesky mosquito that just won’t land long enough for its life to be snuffed out – BUT…I digress.

I’ll be giving you guys a monthly update on the Me Sans Alcohol Project – I know you’re SUPER excited!!! πŸ™‚


This month!


I only wanted to take a drink when:

I was eating steak…

I had to eat a 3 hour long formal dinner while vacationing…

I was walking around my house…

I was folding clothes…

I was watching television…

I was typing up a blog… πŸ˜‰


That’s it so far!

Seriously though – I get really bad migraines and I’m eliminating unnecessaries out of my diet, one item at a time. I felt really good about the decision to stop drinking wine. It was almost like a burden was lifted from me – Like my spirit had been waiting for me to decide this for a while. Even if it doesn’t take my migraines away – I know that it was something that I needed to do for myself. And honestly, I have felt freed from it…like it was this extra thing in my life that just needed to go.

So I made a resolution…I have a smirk on my face right now – If I knew how to put an emoji on this confounded computer, I would. Anyhoo! I’ll give you guys another update in March! Until then…Happy virgin pina colada to y’all!

XOXO, Beck