Unlock the closet door… She’s coming out!

So I’m learning more and more that The Beck…moi – is a closet anti- social. It’s really sad. I’m trying to not be so much like me – but dadgumit, it’s just difficult. I swear, I think I’ve depleted all of my social skillz in the past few days. And y’all – I ain’t really done much mixin’ unt minglin’.

You know – I love to catch a giggle and a cup of coffee with a new face, I really do. But when momma turtle is ready to get back in her cozy shell…in all of her bra-less, cozy-socked, glasses wearing glory…do not – I repeat DO NOT try to stop her. That turtle hoe will make your mixing miserable. She certainly will.

My hubby and I, along with his sis and hubs are cruising together this week. They have made fun of my granny butt every day so far! It’s cool…I told them that the beauty of an adult vacation is that we can do whatever we want, and I happen to want to go to sleep early – At least early by cruise ship standards.

Hey, why is no one making fun of them for going to a comedy show at midnight? MIDNIGHT for crying out loud! Geez. I’m tip toeing around our room at the late hour of 7:30 AM trying to get a dern cup of that good black drank and have my morning soak in the tub. So far I’ve averaged about 3 hot baths a day on this vacation. All by my anti-social self! Lol…

SO – Will I be working on this somehow negatively looked upon characteristic of mine?


Hockey sticks, no.

I don’t see the point.

To all my closet anti-socials out there…Cheers! To all you others…I’ll be in bed at 10 tonight watching TBS while you find the happening spot on the cruise ship – And only ’cause they made me eat dinner at 8:30 PM – Otherwise it woulda been around 9…or 8:30:)

XOXO, Beck


New Year’s Revolution.

I’ve been walking in a straight line

For a bit now…

Perhaps it’s time to circle ’round

To the start again.

There’s  a memory in photograph…

A dream of myself…

Of who I used to be.


I remember that she didn’t give a shit

What anyone thought of her…

She didn’t give a shit about your feelings

When it came to her own convictions…

She liked the word shit though…

This much hasn’t changed.


Her appearance was secondary.

She didn’t care what her reflection

Had to say about her…

No one had told her she was beautiful yet.

She cared about candles lighting up the dark…

Revealing the shadows in her heart.


Miles and miles ago…

Staring at the sunset was her peaceful place…

Creation creating closeness with her Creator.

Her feet took to the pavement

Taking her back and forth…

Back and forth.

Never getting far enough away…

The ending always the same.


I’m still staring into the sky…

Pondering how I can exist in His presence.

I’m still running back and forth

From start to finish.

Back and forth…

Back and forth…


I have learned how to give a shit about

Someone else’s convictions.

My silence does not equal agreement…

It just makes me, quite simply, considerate.


I’m circling around to the girl I once was…

To the girl I still am.

I like her.

She’s so terribly flawed…

She needs professional help, I fear.



This year I’ll find quiet moments,

Staring into the vastness above,

Wondering how I can exist and why.

I’ll run and think about home…

I’ll let my feet take me there.

I’ll circle ’round to that girl that needed

Candles…A pen…A notepad and her own thoughts.

I’ll back up, move forward and revolve.


XOXO, Beck