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Chit Chattin’.

I just wanna blog. I have no idea what to talk about…hmmm – Let’s see…
Well, I was wanting to discuss something with y’all the other day, but I forgot what it was and then I was all, “Beck – It couldn’t have been that important if you forgot.” Then I just nodded to myself, “Yup…”
Then I thought about talking about how something I wanted, on a larger scale, to happen – Finally happened…LSU didn’t fire Les Miles. Listen, that was important to me. They really made themselves look like donkey butts…Thank the good Lord for LSU fans.
Then I thought about giving y’all a poem – but for the most part…you guys couldn’t care less about my innermost thought and feelings. I understand.
I don’t think anything significant happened this week that would get your heart a thumpin’…
Bay asked if we were gonna have presents this year since we were focusing on the birth of Christ.
Looking left, looking right…”Momma, will there be presents this year since we’re focussing on Jesus?”
Bless her precious heart! And yes, there will be gifts.
So…I pretty much just wanted to say a big ol’ HELLO to y’all…

Hello, there! 🙂
Hope you guys have had an interesting week so far!


*I ate egg rolls and watched Wallykazaam while typing this gem.


One thought on “Chit Chattin’.

  1. Becky, you could have a ” word of the day/week”. Just a thought📆. Just a funny between us. But seriously, a praise section or FAQ section. My praise today is: God can use our rags/mistakes/sins and turn them into something good that will allow His name to be glorified/praised.

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