Becky…With a ‘Y’.


I have come in contact with a handful of individuals that actually get ANGRY when their name is misspelled. Who cares if I know how to spell your name? And you need to ask your mother to apologize to you, because the proper spelling is LISA, not Leissa. Come on ladies – Just ’cause you give your child a name that they have to spell three times over, to every person they come in contact with, does not mean that they’ll be as unique and beautiful as it supposedly is. It probably means that they’ll have to explain every motive and move they make at LEAST three times… or not – I don’t really know, but doesn’t it seem like I’m offended that L-E-I-S-S-A is offended? Yup. And so the cycle of offended ones begins…

I take offense when places like Dairy Queen run out of ice cream…REALLY? You’re locally owned – Go to the grocery store and GET SOME MILK! See…in case you missed it, the all caps indicates my offense. While we’re on the food subject, my yogurt shop didn’t have granola last night…I’m not offended yet, but if it happens again? I will officially be…OFFENDED!

It feels good to be offended. I mean, let’s be honest, it means we ABSOLUTELY know that we’re right…and who doesn’t relish in their own rightness? Justified disruption of the soul…that’s what it feels like. And no…my soul doesn’t need ice cream from Dairy Queen, or maybe it does – I get about two dipped cones a year. That year I only had one. 

What I want is to be a person that says to the DQ employee, “No ice cream? Well, I’ll have a taco salad and an unsweet tea! That’ll do for now…” DQ country has a rockin’ taco salad – Yes they do. And when I spell my name out for people, I’ll get tickled at myself…”Becky…with a ‘y’.” I suppose, since Becky is a nickname, that I COULD start spelling it any way I so choose… “B-E-Q-U-E-E…”

I know that I’m talking about insignificant offenses – I don’t feel like I’m the right person to tackle the real stuff. But I can tell you how I deal…I just take the small things and multiply. I take the way I deal with the little bobbles in my own life and I just multiply it all…I pray more – I love more – I laugh more…I just give more of it to the Lord. I have to tell myself to not be one of those people that is so easily offended. 

Honesty…the person that offends me most is spelled M-E…I hear every word that come out of my mouth – I’m privy to the string of thoughts all tied up in my mind – I know what is right and wrong…and sometimes I choose the latter of the two. I’m making the choice to work on me in all of this living…I suggest you choose to work on you. Let’s stop getting upset at the local ice cream shop’s lack of planning – Let’s look in the mirror…let’s be better. I want to be a bright light in a dark world and there’s just no way for me to do that if I’m offended all of the time.

XOXO, Bequee



The moment I first loved you.

I could see the outline of you…

Light surrounding your body from the busy streets.

My eyes had to adjust to the dark

As we rode home in the backseat of your parent’s car.

If you could’ve heard what was going on in my head…

You would’ve most assuredly run scared.

‘Cause when you took your state champ ring off your finger,

And slid it playfully on my left ring one… 

That’s when my forever started with you.

That’s when my heart came undone.


The moment I first loved you,

It was dark and full of light…

It was bold and completely silent… 

I didn’t know if you’d ever feel the same,

But you did…

You gave me your heart,

A ring…

And your name.


I love you, my Michael Moore…Happy Anniversary.

XOXO, Yours.