It’s not just a game.

She steps up to the plate…all her hard work, sweat and tears come down to this moment. Will she get a base hit? Will she strike out? Will she do what she knows she’s capable of and send that beautiful yellow ball over the fence? Will she even get a chance to swing? Some people would say that it doesn’t really matter – That it’s just a game. She boldly says to that person, “This is my life.”


God can use His people to achieve the ultimate goal of eternal salvation for every man, woman and child, along with the edification of the brethren, through ALL of our abilities. Not a single talent or gift should be slighted when it comes to Kingdom work. He truly delights in us working hard to achieve our goals. When we give our all for something, we should be working for HIS glory – Not our own. Why do I want to achieve this – Is it for personal gain? Is it to be able to say, “I did it!”? Or is it because I want more people to experience the healing power of Christ Jesus? I want to be able to say earnestly, “He did it!” 


She and her sisters won the game…they achieved the goal that they had set out from the very beginning of the season to reach. She gave glory to God. She said to her teammates, “He did it!” She showed true love and compassion to her fans throughout the season. She never forgot about the ones seated behind home plate. She was His hands and feet…His kiss on the cheek. She didn’t just play a game – She was running the race of life. She was a member of the LSU Lady Tigers softball team.


My family has been so blessed by the players and staff of the LSU softball team. My Father and Mother-in-law started the season with y’all – Traveling to tournaments, fellowshipping with the team. When Mike passed away after the Palm Springs tournament, you dedicated your season to him. You guys put his initials on your helmets and in your hearts. Our family is finishing this season, that y’all have played your hearts out in, without him now. But we very much feel the essence of who he was in the midst of every single game. Thank you all for making this so very special for us. We feel like God is loving on us, through y’all, in this season of our lives. It’s not just a game – It’s your life.

From the bottom of our hearts…

Thank you.


To Goodwill it must go.

It’s so weird feeling mature. For the latter half of my twenties, I still felt very much like a kid…a teenager. Now that I’m working with early twenty year olds, I FEEL my age. It’s surreal really. I feel this sort of calm wash over me when I realize, “I don’t have to go through all that…I’ve already done it.” Like they say – Whoever they may be – Been there, done that, bought the t-shirt, already donated it to Goodwill…in fact, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen that shirt strolling down Line Avenue recently. 🙂

The newest twenty something in my path is currently struggling with her purpose in life. She is having difficulty pinpointing her true calling. And I’m all, “It’s not water chemistry?!?” lol…Interestingly enough, she is a vocalist – And from what I understand – If I can trust my understanding – Quite the accomplished vocalist. She wants to use her gift of song, but can’t figure out where she best fits in. I was taking my lunch break the other day and just started tearing up thinking about how God might just want to use me in her life – or vice verse. He’s so cool like that:)

So what did I tell this beautiful young soul in the midst of her struggle to go in one direction or another? I told her that unless something is obviously wrong, against her biblical belief system – Just go for it! If it’s not going to work out, she’ll know it. Don’t worry so much over if you’ll reach your potential or not – Just give your all and LIVE! I also told her that you never know what God will do with your experiences later on in life. Some things that you think are, or were, pointless and a waste of your time, will prove to be fruitful in the future. Don’t discount any of your life experiences, because God works ALL things together for good!

We’re not guaranteed time on this earth – Each day really is a gift. If you’re counting on your life to really matter when you get the perfect job, when you get your Master’s degree – PhD – Driver’s license, or when you finally get ALL the laundry done…You’ll never be happy – You’ll never have real peace. Don’t get so caught up in the destination, that you miss the journey. The journey is what we call life:) The way you treat people is what matters – The way you take care of yourself is what matters – The way you love your Creator is what matters. If you love…really love – You’ll be a success…you’ll have served your purpose in this life.

I just wanted to share this with y’all today:) Love and hugs!

My Momma.

My momma…

Momma is both Martha and Mary. She’s always said that her one silent rebellion is tardiness, but don’t take that tardiness as a lack of time management skills. Joy Elizabeth Pearce LePoint can manage just about anything. She is smart…AND she has good sense – A winning combination in my book.

Michael and I unwrapped the gift of living with my parents when we were between homes in late 2007. We had Baylor, our middle child, during that special time. One, or both of us, would be up in the wee small hours of the morning with Baylor Joy and we could always see my momma’s lamp on in her sitting area between 4 and 5 am. When I asked her why in the world was she up that early, she told me that she knew in order for her to sit at the feet of the Father, she’d have to set aside time in her schedule. Every single morning her lamp was on. That’s the kind of woman my momma is…

My momma…

She works all day taking care of other people’s children…teaching them skills to help them thrive and survive in this world that they’re growing up in – Being a Godly influence for kids that may not have that at home…or anywhere else. She leaves home early and gets home late because her job is important to her, because those kids are important to her. She spends her Sunday afternoons at my house grading papers…putting together word problems for her students that are funny, so they’ll enjoy learning. Joy LePoint has been teaching for almost thirty years and she still sees the importance in her job – She works as unto the Lord. That’s the kind of woman my momma is…

My momma…

You can find her on a Saturday afternoon, after the house has been cleaned, curled up on her couch – comfy socks, soft blanket – watching a movie on Turner Classics…canned diet coke and popcorn or chips in hand. My momma taught me to love just being home with family. There are so many aspects of her character that I wish I had more of…I wish I cleaned house like her, that I could be as committed to things as she is, that I could be the kind of wife she is, that I could just be as GOOD as she is. She makes me want to be better – That’s the kind of woman my momma is…

So what did I get from her? When we love, it’s forever. We concern ourselves with how our actions effect others – We don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. When we cook for you, we’re saying…“I LOVE YOU!” We laugh at inappropriate times, and wonder why no one else thinks it’s funny! We’ll surprise you with our hidden talents – Joy can dance! We don’t like to tell people no, but we’ll do it anyway. We both find pure joy in singing and playing music for the Father. We love our kids.

I love you, Momma. Thank you for being you. There will always be a home with your picture on the wall…

XOXO, Beck

No one is always right.

“I need to speak to someone that can actually help me. You’re just the receptionist, right?”

I can’t even tell you how many times, over the past ten or so years, that potential clients have carelessly spoken these words to me and my fellow phone answering buddies. Over time, my responses have matured; at least I’d like to think that they have. When I first became “just the receptionist” of my family’s business, I was easily offended by the careless and hurtful words that streamed through my trusty work phone.  My heartrate would rapidly rise, my natural defensiveness would kick in…and all of my insecurities, surrounding my job description, would seemingly be highlighted. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that the years have completely numbed me  to the insensitive nature of the general public, but I have learned to value myself within my family’s business and more importantly, to understand my worth.

I understand more and more, that my worth does not lie in the title printed under my name, but in the ways in which I perform my job. There are still days that I revert back to that young, insecure adult…wanting to tell that certain type of customer, “I do so much more than just answer the phone! I’m smart, I really am!”  Recently, one of my own told me that I was unprofessional for answering her question of, “How are you doing?” with honesty.  Before I could stop myself, I told her, “Don’t ask that question if you’re not ready for a real answer.”  Appalled, she proceeded to vehemently explain why she was floored by my “unprofessionalism”.

Why does the general consumer feel that they can say any and everything to their service providers? I was floored that this particular client actually said to me, along the journey that was our conversation, “The customer is always right.”  I responded, perhaps out of turn, “You have a responsibility, as a consumer, to treat any business that you’re requesting services from with a certain level of respect. Your consumerism does not grant you a license to be rude.” Since she was already an unreasonable individual, this nugget of truth did not digest easily. Needless to say, the conversation did not end well for either party.

No one is always right…not the customer, not the business, not the employee, not the employer. No earthly being can be right at all times. It’s the individual that actual thinks that they are right all of the time that causes the most stress and discord within any establishment. I acknowledge that I did not handle this disgruntled customer properly…I don’t honestly know if I could ever handle her the exact right way. That being said, I’ve decided that it would be best for someone else, within the company, to manage her needs. I’m responsible for my actions…not my customer’s.

Sometimes, we that regularly work with the general public, feel personally attacked by the attitudes of our clientele. I just want to encourage y’all and say, for the most part, it is not you. That particularly indignant customer of yours is also an equally indignant customer of someone else’s. We need to make a conscious effort, in our customer related services, to rise above the negative noise that we’re receiving through our trusty work phones. Let’s choose to be that bright spot in our businesses.  It’s going to be difficult, at times, to accomplish this…but I believe that it is a task worth purposefully tackling.

XOXO, Beck

Receptionist Extraordinaire;)