Sharing some floetry with y’all today…

It’s not always the best rhyme…but it’s what’s in my mind.

I love to just see what I can see…

These words are a strange reflection of me.

I read the following poem through after typing it out and I’d like to say to you awesome readers…BE YOU! Don’t listen to what some other person says that you HAVE to be…Listen to the voice of God and be the amazing person that HE created you to be. We are all unique individuals…Embrace who you really are! Today…I’m embracing the fact that everyone doesn’t get me…But there’s a handful of folks out there that really connect with my randomness and unpredictability…Thanks for getting me:)

Here you go!


What if I start growing again?

Like the rules don’t apply to me.

What if I decide not to listen

To the voices on my t.v.?

So much negativity.


Their rules don’t apply to me.






That’s right,

I don’t care what you think you know…




                                       Low-fat biscuit making…

Rehears-ed one.


‘Cause I’m justa smiling…

Thinking about how I can

Rip your book of




Rules apart.


I’ll actually…




Burn it in a tin can

And warm my callused pale hands

By the light of it’s bluish flames.


That’s what I’ll do.


And why?

‘Cause I started growing again

At the ripe old age of thirty-four.

I’ve advised my heart

Not to listen to you anymore.


And I don’t like the rules

That I don’t have to follow.


So there.