Music in the Church…

Alright…there’s something I really NEED to talk about. There’s something that I feel NEEDS to be addressed.

Music in the church.

If you’ve ever been on the inside of church ministry – If you’ve ever been a member of any denomination’s congregation – If you’ve ever been the ear of a friend that goes to any church – You know, either first or second hand, that it’s near impossible to please a room full of Sunday morning church-goers, musically speaking. Near. Impossible. I mean, seriously – It’s all the way impossible.

My life’s journey of worshipping through song began in my mother’s womb. Momma and Daddy have sung in the choir since the time I couldn’t even remember. Once out of the womb…I listened to services through the nursery speakers. Then, when I got old enough to act like I had some sense – Which some would argue, has yet to happen…(I happen to agree… Hey, hey! *snap *snap *snap)- I moved to about the 7th row back on the left side of the church with my Gran – The left if you’re facing the pulpit…that’s important to know, those were my people! I watched my parents heartily sing ALL kinds of praises to the Lord…and I wanted to join in.

One of the vital things that I learned from listening to my parent’s private conversations – This truth makes me laugh…yeah, your kids are listening, parents! – One of the things I retained is that:

My worship, through song for the Lord, is determined by my mindset…rather, my heartset.

My offering of worship is not conditional to the song choice on Sunday morning. I can find joy in lifting up the name of Jesus and singing about the way He’s changed and is always changing my life through yesteryears hymns, through 80s and 90s contemporary praise and worship, through instrumental pieces…

We have become a people that feels the need be completely catered to in all aspects of our lives. We go to church and complain about the particular song that we’re singing about Jesus – It’s about Jesus, y’all! And even if it doesn’t say His name and simply alludes to Him – Hello! It’s about Him!

“Can you believe she sang that song? It didn’t even have Jesus’ name in it!”

Seriously, in my years singing behind the pulpit, I’ve had this complaint turned in on me a few times. As a teenager, I was really hurt by the fact that the little old lady on about the 20th row back of the right side of the church, if you’re facing the pulpit, didn’t understand that I wouldn’t sing about anyone other than Jesus in His church service.

The fact was and still is, she knew I was singing about Jesus..she simply didn’t like the song I sang – And perhaps she didn’t care for me, personally. She did what many of us do today – She quenched the spirit of a worship leader. She picked apart my offering to the Lord. She wounded the spirit of a girl that was just trying to follow the lead of the Lord and sing what was needed for that moment…for that particular group of people. Was it the right song? Evidently not for her, but maybe if she had the proper heartset, she would have felt the movement of the Holy Spirit in her life…not from the power of the fifteen year old singing…but from the power of The Almighty!

I’m asking you Worshippers that are reading this, if you haven’t already, to stop worrying so much about the songs that are being sung in church, and start focusing on the condition of your heart. If we get in a right heartset with The Father…we’ll be joyful in ALL things pertaining to Him! Joyful, even while singing the songs that we’ve never heard before, ‘cause they’re so old:) – Joyful, even in the songs that we’ve heard and sung about a quarter-million times – Joyful, even in the songs that aren’t lyrically pleasing to us – Joyful, even if the music is too loud, or too soft – Joyful, even if we can’t read the words on the screens, ‘cause they’re too small…Joyful.

Let’s be truly thankful that we can openly worship our Maker. We can sing songs about Jesus and not be thrown in jail or exiled from the country. Let’s get a little perspective, y’all. Let’s stop being so critical about someone’s heartfelt offering of worship to God the Father…To Jesus His Son. Let’s start edifying one another. Let’s just sing about His goodness and grace:)

Thanks for listening…I know that I’m not completely right in all my ways of thinking – And especially in all my ways of doing…but I know that God has put a special place in my heart for His music and for leaders of His music. I believe that the passions He gives us aren’t for no particular reason…Speak on what He’s put in your heart:)

XOXO, Beck


“MOMMA! Don’t say that!”

Many interesting conversations occur in my vehicle. Generally, they are products of my beloved middle child’s thought processes. She has quite the need to be heard, and thankfully…for the most part, she says some pretty thought-provoking things. After I picked the kids up from school on Wednesday – This is how our conversation went…

Baylor asked…

“Momma, is it ok for grown ups to say bad words?”

To which I replied…

“No. But we do sometimes…Momma says words she shouldn’t, Boo – But I ask God to help me not to do that…to help me use smarter words.”

She thought on that for a split – So did I…and God got my wheels upstairs to turning. I know this is gonna sound gross, but bear in mind, children don’t mind disgusting analogies – They actually LOVE them…the more disgusting, the better! So, I asked her,

“Bay, did you know that you body digests the food you eat? It’s built to hold in the nutrition and excrete the toxic. The good stuff stays in and the yucky part is what comes out in the potty – Number one AND number two.”

*Side note…I’m not really sure if this is factual – But it seems logical. I’m going with it…

She looked at me like I was nuts,

“MOMMA! Don’t say that!”

“Well, sugar, it’s true. The same goes with what you watch on television and what you read in books – Your mind and spirit digests all of that. The toxic – Or bad stuff, is generally what spews out of your mouth.”

“Momma, that’s gross.”

“Well, don’t watch bad stuff on T.V. and you won’t have to worry about number two coming out of your mouth. Ok?”


Yep. Bay and I are both middle children – That’s my only explanation for our regularly odd vocal exchanges…AKA, strange conversations. I, for one, don’t want to be spewing crap…I’m gonna be more mindful of what I let into my heart and mind! Hey…What goes in – It’s gonna come out. Love y’all!

XOXO, Beck