On the other side of the horizon…

Drew Bond is the master of random questions. I won the lottery when I got to ride next to my nephew on the way to the airport this past week. He asked a few quite profound questions on that drive that echoed in my mind during the flight home – I penned this in the air, while it was still fresh on my mind. I’d also like to add that Drewman is a deep thinker and a tender-heart – I love the way that his mind works and his enthusiasm for life. He is a great blessing to his Auntie…

Looking out into the Pacific – he asked me, “What’s on the other side, Aunt Beck?” At five years young, he knew that there was more out there…He knew that beyond the horizon was something. Something he couldn’t see.

I asked him, “Of life or the ocean?” He looked up at me with eyes full of expectancy. I told him of continents connected by seas – Countries around the earth, across the ocean…that my brother lives on the other side of the horizon.

A few minutes later he wanted to know if the baby in his momma’s belly had seen God… “Has our baby met God?” Before I could answer – he stated, “I want to meet God.” He looked back into my eyes and I said to his innocent and pure soul, “You see God everyday, buddy…In the deep blue ocean and the never-ending sky – In your momma’s beautiful smile.” He grinned and nodded.

On the other side of the horizon is a world unseen…It’s my family in Asia. It’s the growing baby in Momma’s belly. It’s my friend passed on from this life into the next.

We all reside on connected continents, on this earth and in life. We’re brought together by the never-ending, deep blue ocean – which is a world within itself…All connected by the creator of it all. God.

I saw God in that little boy’s acceptance of the truth of God’s presence in His creation…How blessed I am to be surrounded by all of my sweet children.

Hugs, Beck