I have an excuse…I grew up in the woods!

I am ITCHING to meet the couple across the street from me – I think it’s because I sense that they want to be left alone…their anonymity drives my curiosity. Plus, the fact that I’ve attempted to open a line of conversation with them a few times and got a big fat NOTHING. I mean, they have cherub statues lining the walkway to their front door!… What a front…To me, that screams, “Come on in! Celestial fun awaits us!” Hahaha…At least that’s what I interpret. AND he has a chihuahua that he rides his bike with to get the mail – that alone intrigues me. Oh my word, I sound like a crazy stalker neighbor. Oh well, I’m rolling with it.

Yesterday evening, I was standing outside just chilling in my p.j.’s – I think it was about 6:30 (maybe it’s me…) and one of the dynamic duo is watering the yard…I wave and say, “Hello!” He nods and quickly goes inside. Michael happens to be sitting outside with me, talking to his friend on the phone – He points to my shirt which reads “Who needs sleep” and smirks at me. That smirk resounds in my head, “Becky, put some real clothes on before you cross that street.” I would have crossed it anyway – but the dude basically sprinted in his house, surely sensing my impending brave approach – Tally one more for the boys across the street folks. No worries, I WILL succeed in my next neighborly meet and greet with the intriguing fellows across the pavement…

Side note…That couple has NO idea that I’m sitting outside typing a blog about them this fine AM. Maybe they are typing a blog about the chick across the street with all the kids that won’t take a hint… Hey, I didn’t grow up in a neighborhood – I have no idea how this works other than what I gathered from watching Desperate Housewives! 😉 

XOXO, Beck