I had to get this on the paper…

I’ve noticed that most people that do not believe in God and the existence of His Son Jesus and our constant helper, the Holy Spirit want NO reminders of Them. They are offended by the cross hung around someone’s neck – By the prayer being offered up in thanksgiving at dinnertime in a public restaurant – By their own county’s heritage…ANYTHING that points in the direction of Christ, they find offensive.

I totally understand this…These are constant reminders of what they have turned their backs on…What they have given up in order to live outside of His law.

By NO means am I perfect – I can try, but there’s no way that I can ALWAYS do what He wants of me…But I do believe that Jesus IS the Way, the Truth and the Life – No man can go to the Father EXCEPT through Him. I pray that people living outside of His grace and mercy will continue to be so offended by the Cross – By the faith spoken softly in a prayer offered to our unseen Heavenly Father – By the words, “Under God.” God is at work, my friends.

All my love, Beck


I can’t be the only one…

If my laundry formed a union, I’d be in trouble.

I recently discovered, through a close friend and co-worker, that I am NOT the only homemaker that abuses her laundry! Can I just say that there are things that I do well and there are things that I do not. I do believe that we are all in this same boat of not doing EVERYTHING well – but for some CRAZY reason – if you are a woman – you are somehow expected to be highly skilled at all things “house cleaning” related. I can do these things, I just don’t do them naturally. Okay, now that I’ve excused myself from the atrocity that is about to unfold, I shall move forward.


Let’s start with a clean slate….My clothes are put up and the laundry room is clean. This story is based on true events – that means that you shouldn’t believe some parts of it – but I won’t tell you which parts those are. Okay, clean slate…The clothes begin to fill the laundry baskets – the one in my bathroom – the one in the kids’ bathroom – the one on the floor beside the bed – the one in the ACTUAL laundry room and so on and so on…When it gets ridiculous, I take notice…and then wait a few days to do something. Oh my goodness, my heartrate just spiked momentarily at this confession. Anyhoo…moving right along.

Laundry day doesn’t exist in my house. We aren’t home for a long enough period of time in a day to have that luxury, especially in the summer months, so we do it on the run. What happens is that the clothes NEVER get folded or put away – they get washed, so that’s a positive! They first move to the dining room table – my family’s dresser – or to my bed where I can fold in my own space.

The unfolded clothes stay on the table until the table can no longer contain them. I then move them to the couches, fold them ALL at one time, and then move them back to the table separated in sections by each individual in the house. See, I’m organized. I’m using this as a bonding experience for my family…We gather at the communal dresser each morning and visit with one another while we search for matching outfits that will need to be ironed by Momma because they sat unfolded for too long. My babies love a freshly ironed shirt…

It basically takes me until one of my children has to stay home sick for a day to finish putting the clothes up. I just heard all you stay-at-home moms think to yourselves, “yup…that’s why I don’t work!” Well, I agree with you! Laundry would be MUCH easier if I didn’t have a full time job. I’m shaking my head too… …. … Okay, I’m done shaking my head. Once the clothes are put up, the cycle begins again.

I forgot to mention what happens with the laundry on my bed! Okay, this laundry is piled ever so neatly in the center of my bed. I always make sure the bed is made so that it feels like I’m actually going to fold those clothes on the day of their arrival to my room. I do not do that. The clothes move to the floor before bedtime – if there are a LOT of them – I cover them up with my quilt, pretending they don’t exist while I read or watch television. The next morning they are placed back on the bed. If this cycle continues for an entire week, I throw in the towel and just rewash the whole lot of ’em – then they go from the dryer to the “laundry table” and my clean slate is no more.

I just thought about telling y’all, “Now this does NOT happen ALL the time – Just every now and then!” It happens all the time. It’s embarrassing, but it’s just my life. Perhaps we should stop buying clothes or become nudists…

Every time I get my clean slate with my laundry, I tell myself, “You can keep this up, girl – You can do it!” Then life happens and my good intentions are just that, intentions and not action. Hopefully my friend and I aren’t the ONLY slobs in charge of taking care of his/her household! My next installment will be based loosely on the life of my sock basket. 🙂

Love y’all!!! XOXO, Beck