All of THAT will really be ALL THAT one day.

Not too long ago I told Michael, “If we can just make it through these early years, I promise you that she is going to do something seriously productive with all of THAT.” – As I gestured my hands in a motion which encircled her and all of her Baylor glory. My child is the sweetest, most naturally talented child I think I’ve ever met…but she is a handful. She will give you a run for your money, for sure. She’s mine, so I am obviously going to make an extra effort to give her the benefit of the doubt. If even I can’t see a well of potential in this gift of a child – Who will? All I have to do is think on a few of my friends and family that took all of THAT and turned it into something amazing to behold…


It was the first day of fifth grade and I was SO excited that I had Ms. Weaver and Coach Evans for my teachers. In the class were several of my friends that I had been in classes with the previous years – So, although this was a fresh, new classroom setting – it still felt comfortable and home-like. Then HE  b-bopped through the door…bright as sunshine – smile from ear-to-ear..He was ready to take on that classroom!  His introduction of himself to me went like so…”Hi, I’m Bo – will you be my girlfriend?” Me to him, “Hi, I’m Becky and No.” This first conversation was pretty much the model for most of our conversations for the rest of our school day interactions…and there were many. God purposed Beaux to be in my life. It seemed like we were oil and water at times…But isn’t every healthy relationship sort of that way? You test each other – You bring each other to the edge and then gently coax them back?


From time to time my parents would go out on a date or out with friends and Bessie would come to babysit. We would play hide and go seek in the dark – Bessie was always good at that one…and that would be our single organized activity. My brother basically ran wild and I would fervently pray that Bessie would rat him out when my parents arrived home. Rachel was probably picking the dog food out of her teeth that Bruce convinced her was actually people food. At the time, it was my very own hell on earth. Bessie threatened to tell my parents of his boyish antics, but never followed through because, simply put – Bruce was her favorite. Maybe she understood that he was just being the only Bruce he could be at that time and that one day, all of THAT would be something truly amazing. The fact is, it was amazing then…We just didn’t have the ability to see beyond our ideas of what a good child and what a not-so-good child looked like.


The bold Bo from my childhood and adolescent days has, through the years, cultivated all of THAT into a well-spring of selfless giving and serious talent and tender-hearted kindness. I am blessed to have this Beaux in my life right now – I was blessed from our very first encounter… You never know what someone will mean to you one day. When I was telling Bo, “No, I don’t want to be your girlfriend!” I didn’t know that twenty one years later I would be so thrilled to be Beaux’s girlfriend….I knew that my Bruce would be an amazing man. If the LePoint kids were all being honest, we would offer up that Bruce was always the best of all of us. He was (and still is) the most brilliant, sensitive, creative, kind-hearted, insightful…etc., etc., etc. – the list could go on and on. My point is this – When you look at a child that doesn’t fit the mold that you have created for the “perfect” child…Think about my sweet friend and my amazing brother. Remember that all of THAT – with proper nourishment – can truly blossom into something astonishing…something to be thankful for. When I see my wildly methodical, OCD, loud talking Baylor – I am thankful.

Love to you all :), Beck


Yes, I said he was moody.

We were arguing in hushed voices on the way to church this morning concerning a variety of offenses… mainly misunderstandings due to tones of voices – him not being on “my” team, his current moodiness…Sometimes I can be seriously selfish. We made it to church and parted ways without another word – me on my way to Sunday school and he on his to sound check. I love the way that God works – I don’t know if He specifically chose the lesson for me or if He nudged me towards paying close attention to certain parts of the lesson – Either way, I got the message. We were discussing the unconditional love of God – His mercies, His Grace, His justice…All I could think was… I expect my husband to love me the way that only my Heavenly Father is truly capable. 

That revelation hit me solid. I do not like to be wrong – Who does? I suppose some don’t mind it as much as others…but I digress. I am so concerned with being understood – with being on the winning team – with having everyone happy in my household…I can’t just let them be who they are. You know, God does that for all of us – He lets Michael be moody if he needs to and loves him perfectly…He lets Becky be pushy and persistent. He allows me the freedom to be wrong and know that He still loves me just the same as if I were His perfect child.

This is what the Lord spoke to my heart today and I just had to share it with y’all. God’s love is unconditional…It’s unchanging. I need to give the people around me a break…I don’t need their love to be perfect – I just need it to be.

Hope y’all have a fantastic week – full of interesting situations and laughs:) XOXO