Thankfulness is a verb.

I’ve been thinking about “Thankfulness” lately. Is it enough to just say that I’m thankful? What exactly is it, anyway? Is it something factual – something that just is…Or is it perhaps an action – a verbal state of living? Can it be only one – or both? This is the way my mind works, by the way 🙂 . I was prompted to pose these questions to myself  recently when I noticed several of my Facebook friends stating something in their lives that they are thankful for each day in November. I’m not exactly certain why, but I have chosen not to participate in the November Thankful Days of Facebook. Maybe the answers will be revealed in this blog installment….I can only hope ;).

Am I truly thankful? This is my dilemma – I don’t exactly know how I’m exhibiting thankfulness in my daily life and I don’t want to be superficial with it on Facebook. I am not trying to say that my friends are being superficial on Facebook – I just want to put that out there – I’m simply evaluating my own motivations. It’s easy to look good online when I’m the person editing everything that goes on my page. My desire is not to always look good – I want to be real. Well, I answered my question in the above paragraph…I guess that’s it, folks! 🙂 Seriously, I want to know the best way to really show how thankful I am for the blessings in my life. Thankfulness is an action. If it is only a “thing” in my life, then it is worthless to me and to the people around me – and to God.

Ultimately, I am thankful for this life I have to live for this moment in time….this blink of an eye life – If I’m not living it to the fullest, I’m not truly thankful. How can I live it to the fullest? First and foremost – I have to love the person that God made me. I have to accept that I am one of those people that laughs at inopportune moments – and loudly…That I will ALWAYS have cellulite – no matter how many lunges I do…That I am sometimes a potty mouth – but I’m not proud of it….That when I love someone, I give them all of me…the good and the bad – but mostly good ;). I have to accept that everyone will not like these characteristics that make up me – and THAT IS OKAY! 🙂

My family and friends are precious to me. If I’m not loving them with more than just words, I’m not giving them the best of me – thus, I’m not thankful. I can love them with more than words by reading just one more book before bedtime…by sitting tub side and watching Baylor show me how she can swim in there for the hundredth time and not gripe about ALL of the water on the floor…by rocking my sick baby through the night so he can find relief without feeling burdened by him….by being an honest, nonjudgmental friend…

Mostly, I have to show my thankfulness to God for the salvation I’ve found in Him through Christ Jesus. If I could be a perfect person, God would have had no reason to send His only Son to save me from myself – to save you. But I can’t be perfect – for all of my trying…I am thankful that Jesus is my perfection. That He loves this ol’ Beck for the nutty girl she is – That he sees past all the ugly and loves me for me. He does that for all of us. I can show my thankfulness to Him by being obedient to His calling on my life…by loving His creation…by praising Him and not myself.

When it boils down to it – To be thankful: I must embrace my reality – I must be self-less – I must be patient – I must be available.

Happy Thanksgiving, friends!

I truly truly truly am thankful for y’all…