No more judgement….Just love.

I think a lot throughout the day –  Every now and then a memorable thought makes its way in – today it went like this…”I’m stumbling over someone else’s sins.” Do you ever get so caught up in the sin-life of someone else that it causes you to lose focus on your own path of ministry? I can get so caught up in trying to figure out the motives of others that I just completely lose sight of my own purpose.

My ego tells me that I have this special, singular purpose in life – different and somehow more important than someone else’s…I don’t quite know what it is yet – but ONE day I will – and I will be so very good at it. I keep waiting for God’s big purpose in my life to be fulfilled – my hands are open, waiting for my special, singular gift – the one that only I can possess. Why am I not receiving it?

I do not possess, nor will I ever, a purpose in this life more singularly special than anyone else’s. We all should have the same goal in this life – Love with the heart of Christ. I desire to  see others as Christ Jesus sees them, with compassion and understanding and to have a true spirit of servanthood. I need to stop trying to figure out the sins of my fellow Christians and start looking at my own – seeing myself as Christ sees me – warts and all. I want to love like He loves.

It’s quite simple really – Our purpose is to love one another. This week I am going to change my thought pattern…No more judgement – Just love.

Hugs & Kisses, my friends 🙂