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So, I did something the other day that I have never done before….I screened an inspired blog with Michael. He totally chose to censor me. And here we are….Okay, so this was my title, “Why must I pretend there isn’t hair there?” HAHAHA – This makes me laugh just seeing it in type! Can you imagine when I was inspired? I was trying to get ready to put a bathing suit on for a pubic pool outing….OOPS! I meant public pool outing;) Mercy.

Are you interested in Michael’s response to this timeless question? He responded, “For me, woman!” Exactly. There are so VERY many things that I would like to type and perhaps reveal about myself right now – but even I find the need to censor….I always wondered why it took my mom about an hour to get ready to go to the water park – I never imagined that 20 years later the answer would be revealed while I was getting ready to do that very same thing! Life’s funny like that:)

Anyhoo, this is just a short entry to say….I’m not so much interested in going to a nude beach – I want a beach where the women don’t have to shave! A hairy beach…YES, that’s the ticket!!! 😉 Love you guys! Have a happy Sunday:)


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