My mornings…

The light from a new day is starting to peek it’s way through my blinds…and I’m staring at the ceiling – contemplating all the work ahead of me. The work that must be completed before 7:30am is plaguing my thoughts. I organize the tasks ahead…and get to work!

Warm Miles’ bottle – change his diaper & turn on cartoons – feed the baby…

Put Miles in play-jumpy-thingy & cross my fingers.

Make Baylor a strudel and chocolate milk….oops – I shouldn’t have put that spoon in the sink – Maggie will want some too….rinse off spoon.

Iron all the kids’ clothes – after I have – I can’t believe I’m going to reveal this – dug through the PILE of clean clothes on the dining room table to find their outfits – Yes, this is why I iron.

Go turn on Maggie’s light and tell her to get up and, “get dressed, brush your teeth, wash your face & brush your hair, Maggie…No, you can’t sleep for five more minutes – we got to get ready!”

Oh my goodness I’m about to pee myself….Go to the bathroom. Wow. I got a glimpse of myself in the mirror – I can’t believe this could be the last image my kids have of me today – Wash face, brush teeth, put on contacts – But most importantly – PUT ON A BRA! Holy moly.

Wash bottles for the day – should have done that last night – shouldacouldawoulda. Make sure Miles’ diaper bag is fully stocked….of course it isn’t. Stock it.

Make Maggie’s lunch while I’m in here…WAIT! I NEED COFFEE!!!!! Pause from Maggie’s lunch and make a 10 cup pot. Take a moment and smell the grounds… I am not longer Sherlock Holmes of Somerset Lane – in search of the illusive lost Tom….I am only a woman in need of a cup of coffee….Okay, pots on – back to Maggie’s lunch.

Decisions, decisions…..lunchable or a peanut butter & honey sandwich? Time constrains me – I go for lunchable. I put an apple sauce in for good measure.

I go through my checklist….

Maggie dressed and ready – check. Bottles and lunch made – check. Baylor still on the couch eating breakfast and watching cartoons – check. GEEZ – “Michael, can you get Bay dressed!” He agrees to after he completes his 20 minute task of fixing his hair – Oh. My. Word. I do it in lightning speed.

Baylor dressed and ready – check. Miles still in pajamas but going to school in it because he’s a baby and who cares? And if they do, I don’t – check. Momma ready – puh-leez. Good thing I bathed the night before and my hair is finally long enough to put in a ponytail;) I get dressed and reassure myself that I can put some makeup on at work…or in the Starbucks drive-through line…

Time to start loading these kids up in the car! So I think. Baylor needs to find the right doll and blankie for school – that could take a while. Maggie lets me know that she has NOT completed her homework and will need to sit down at the kitchen table and write out her spelling words. Miles decides to soil his britches after being put in his carseat – and Maggie would like a bowl of cereal. What? A nutrigrain bar will have to do this morning, my Mag!

We complete all of these tasks and I get them loaded up. I go BACK into the house to make sure the iron is unplugged….it isn’t – I then take a moment to make my  cups of coffee – yes, I make two. I chuckle to myself….

We did it. It’s time to go. I get in the car and Bay tells me that she picked up the wrong blanket and Maggie  lets me know that I forgot to give her medicine to her. I just cursed in my head. I go back in the house – get the correct blanket and meds.

I decide that no matter what – I’m not going back in….and I don’t. We make it out in one piece – everyone is happy and fed. We are all ready for the day.

After I go through the process of dropping off ALL of my children at daycare, preschool and elementary school – I either – give myself a pat on the back or try to hold back the tears….

Sometimes I feel accomplished and other times I feel like I just need to get it together. If you are a parent or caregiver – You can understand this. I am just SO very thankful to have the dilemma of trying to figure it all out! These kids and my family are the MOST important gifts in my life!

P.S. Michael was left out of this for dramatic effect. 😉 He really is the BEST helper!

Love you all!!!!


We all could use a little incentive :)

AM conversation with Baylor during her stories – I mean, cartoons…

“Momma, I want a little dog that will play in the backyard – and I want to name it Pluto.” (we are obviously watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse)

I reply…

“Okay, Boo – Do you know how you can get that dog??? You can be REALLY good for a REALLY long time.”

She ponders this….nods her cute little bed-head self and proceeds to pick up her own breakfast from the counter -to which I have recently prepared to her normal particular standards –  and bring it to her regular AM story-watching station – on the couch, where she  covers herself with “daddy’s big blanket” – and then has me push the coffee table flush with the couch – so that she can lay down and not have to work to reach her food 🙂

She normally just asks me to bring her food to her…I know – rough life, huh. I inquire, “are you doing that so that you can get your dog?” She replies with a big nod and a smile….

So I leave the room and Michael is left  to piddle around in the kitchen without me – maybe he’s doing something reasonably constructive in there – I can never really say for sure…Upon my return he explains to me, through his laughter, that Baylor had brought her empty plate BACK into the kitchen – set it down next to the sink – looked at him with confidence and said…

“I’m getting a dog.”

Love that kid!