Journeying through time…

While vacationing through the southern hills of Spain this past January, my mind decided to take a different kind of journey…One moment I was gazing back and forth from my iBook to the rolling rows of olive trees – the next, I was suddenly 15 years old – in the backseat of our family minivan pondering the depths of human existence.

I remember vividly, as a teenager, the very moment in time when I realized that the life I was living on earth did not revolve solely around me – the moment that I really saw life outside of myself…

We were driving by a laundromat and I saw a woman walking out the door and making her way down the side of the road – I watched her until she was no longer in my line of vision. I remember feeling a sort of anxiety in my realization that she was going to keep walking – She would keep living her life and I would never be the wiser about her – On top of that… there were people EVERYWHERE doing this. I was troubled in an odd and unidentifiable way. The disconnection that I felt from this stranger on the sidewalk outside of the laundromat baffled me.

I now realize that I felt that way then because for one of the first memorable times in my life I was actually seeing this stranger as someone as equally important as myself. I wanted to know her – And the fact that I would never have that opportunity really bothered me.

There are people that God puts in our paths everyday for unique and special purposes. Sometimes that purpose is for us to show His love to them -at times He uses others to show us His love 🙂  – then there are times when you will never know what your presence in some stranger’s life may amount to…but He does. I am amazed at God’s timing – How He brought this memory from my past up at the very moment that I needed it…While I was in Europe – walking around in a mass of impolite people that I couldn’t understand – He reminded me that these people have lives. These people are His creation – and for that reason I am certainly connected to them – His love is given freely to all of His creation…That woman that exited the laundromat and went about living her life will never know how God used her to impact my life. I hope I meet her in Heaven one day:)

Love y’all:)