Don’t you just love it when you’re in the gym – or really anywhere – and someone is listening to their headphones – and when they are singing the songs you can tell that they don’t know all of the words:) And they somehow forget that although the person pumping iron next to them shouldn’t be able to hear their music…he can still hear them singing! That was SO me this morning at the gym! Honestly, I don’t really care until people start turning around and looking at me – I sort of try to go unnoticed at the gym – too many muscly men in one place weirds me out. As I was gathering up my belongings to head out the door, a gentleman approaches me and asks what I find to be an interesting question. “Do you sing karaoke?”  You know, I suppose I could have simply said, yes – I have been known to partake whenever the karaoke opportunity presents itself:) But I proceeded to tell him that I am a singer – He asked me where I sing and I told him, “church.” For a moment I thought that my response sounded small – I wanted to say that it’s so much more than it sounds. I told him that I am a Christian and I sing for the Lord – He responded in the way that most people do – he said that that’s the best person to sing for and I smiled and agreed with him. As I left the gym I felt convicted for caring that this stranger might perceive me as an unaccomplished vocalist because I simply sing in church. I wanted to give him an answer that would be impressive by the world’s standards. Shame on me. I am thankful for the conviction of the Lord – It’s a constant reminder that I am His…
I am so very blessed to have consistent opportunities to share my testimony  through this gift of music that God has blessed me with. As long as you are listening to the call of the Lord – Asking for Him to open the right doors and shut the wrong ones – And just taking every opportunity to share His love with His creation on this daily walk through life….You are blessing Him and His beloved creation. That is success.

Y’all have the best weekend:)
Love you, friends!


Deciphering dreams…

Do you ever have a dream that when you wake you can feel the fear from it in your bones –  And the relief that it wasn’t reality comes over you in pulsating waves? I had one of those last night. I probably stayed awake for about an hour in the wee hours of the morning trying to piece it all together. Here’s the first part of my dream…

It was dark. I was being shuffled into a building, shoulder to shoulder with several people. I don’t remember really looking at their faces – All I had was a recurring thought that  I didn’t tell all of those people on the outside what I knew was going to happen to them. I kept thinking that if I turn back now I can make my way out and warn them – The doors were still open, and I could escape. But I didn’t. I just let myself get swept away with the mass of faceless people.

The next scene in the dream brings me to an arena – It’s in the sky with a bird’s eye view of the city below – Evidently, this is where we have all been shuffled to  –  I, with all of the others were being seated. We are all afraid of the man in charge of this gathering and what’s about to happen on the outside of the arena. We all know who this handsome  middle-aged man is. He’s the devil.  We know we must keep our calm and comply with him. And I’m doing it. At one point in this dream the devil sees me and another gentleman devising a plan to escape and he comes to me to ask how I know the other gentleman and I tell him that I don’t know him. The devil quickly has us take our seats and proceeds to carry out his plan. The plan that I knew was going to happen before I even set foot into the arena. The plan that I kept to myself. He began to set the city on fire and I was forced to watch.

The next scene of my dreams is a completely different setting. It’s a beautiful country afternoon and I’m actually holding a conversation with that same attractive middle aged man – The devil. I’m sharing my life with him. In the dream I am pouring out my personal stories to him. And this is when I woke up.


I am a born again follower of Christ. I know that if any of God’s created people does not accept Jesus as their personal Savior and Lord before passing on into eternity  – they will be damned to the eternal fires of Hell. Oh, God that I would pass out this truth more freely! I don’t want to make it to the end and be filled with the fear that I could have been used by God to save someone from the fires – but I just didn’t. In the second part of the dream I know that God was revealing to me that I am getting too comfortable with the things of this world – too comfortable with giving pieces of my person to the world. We are to be IN the world – Not OF it.

Thank you, Lord for speaking to my heart – And thank y’all for reading…