Am I crazy?

Is it socially acceptable to discuss casually if I have or have not had my tubes tied? I’m curious if it makes people uncomfortable in the same way that talking about my period or latest encounter with some wicked diarrhea does…I suppose the fact that I don’t mind talking about either of the latter with a complete stranger means that I certainly don’t mind chatting with y’all about the former:)

I was driving home yesterday when a thought struck me….Thoughts tend to strike me in the car – Maybe I’m crazy.

This woman is having her 20th child and I decided to stop after a mere 3rd!!! Am I crazy for doing that? Simply put…No. I am not crazy. I’m not one to judge, at least not out loud…;) To each her own…but that’s a dadgumlotta kids. How does her body keep spitting them out? I thought mine was going to literally fall apart while I was carrying Miles! Last night, after Michael and I had the kids all in bed, we were talking about our days and I said to him this… “Maybe we shouldn’t have decided to get my tubes tied, Michael – you know…” He interrupted & finished my sentence… “she’s having her 20th and we only have 3!”  🙂

I’m so thankful to have these precious three kids that God has blessed my life with…Who knows what the future holds for our family? Only Him. And God bless the woman with 20…I’m glad it’s her and not me!




Come what may…

Did I keep my cheerful outlook during my five day journey of single-parenthood? I think not. But I did keep hope alive…there is ALWAYS hope, people! Intellectually, I am certain, because He tells us in His Word, that each day we are given is fresh and new with the Lord…but I have to admit, emotionally, this week has felt like it’s been set to repeat…I wake up knowing that I get no concession for being up at 3am feeding my infant…I have to get everyone fed, dressed, hair fixed, lunch made and out the door and in school by 8am sharp. And during all of this getting ready, I have to constantly discipline. Alone.

I’m almost always fighting back tears and what I think may be a slight case of angina while driving to school with my three precious heathens in the backseat – but these aren’t tears of defeat or self-pity…They are tears of victory – I was proud of myself this week. “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!”

This week was really tough, no doubt. But, by golly, I didn’t sign up for easy! This is my life, and I’m so thankful for it – Come what may…

Have an awesome weekend, friends:)