The short life of a habit…

Let me preface this post by saying that I know that my actions and thoughts were wrong. And I have since prayed for forgiveness. Seriously.

Michael left me with 3 kids for 3 days. I would have murdered him if it wouldn’t have been so very counter-productive…one early morning I actually sent him some nasty text messages…the next day I had to make sure that in my delirium, I didn’t accidentally text the wrong person! Heaven forbid someone see THAT side of me!!! 😉 I know that it was totally wrong, but in the fine words of Mary J., “It ain’t all roses!”

Miles stayed up for what seemed like ALL night on one particular evening. That’s when I took up a new habit…cursing – it happens in my head – but it’s just as wrong as saying it out loud…It actually made me feel MUCH better –  Do they make a patch for it??? Just kidding:) …One night I thought I had the time to take a shower before the delivery man showed up with our food…Uh, nope. Bay comes running into the bathroom yelling, “the man’s here with the food and Miles is crying!” I threw on some clothes, while soaking wet and ran to the front door – ’cause I WANTED my Bistro Byronz – is awesome, by the way…The blinds on the door were all open to Baylor’s height – she was watching and making sure he didn’t leave with the food…good girl:)… Another morning, I get the kids all loaded into the car – hurrying to make Mag’s lunch for school – we are already going to be late, but the girl needs her lunch…Here she comes back in the house from the car…I assumed that she must need to use the bathroom or something – I assumed wrong. The girl came in the kitchen and looked at me and matter-of-factly said this, …”I am going to be late.”  I asked her if she would rather be late or eat lunch. She chose lunch. Surprisingly, Baylor was the model child all weekend! Not that I would expect anything contrary to that from her…:)

So, with Michael’s arrival home, my habit went dorm-it…one day it will erupt again – until then, I will try my darndest to be the model wife and momma:)



While running my neighborhood yesterday I noticed that I’ve developed a nasty habit. I look down at the ground that’s laid out directly in front of me, instead of looking out at what is all around me. When I discovered that I was doing that for most of my run –  not just the time that I was getting tired –  I made a point to look out across the rolling tree-line and into the clear blue sky…(and into people’s open windows…just kidding) What a difference the change of view made in my attitude towards my run. When I was looking down at the concrete pavement, I was anxious to finish what I had started –  to simply be done with it. When I chose to look out into the natural beauty that was laid out all around me, I began to enjoy what I was doing -I wanted to run as long as my body would allow me to.

It’s funny what perspective will do for your mind and your body. God created us so wonderfully! It’s amazing what we can accomplish if we can get in the right frame of mind.

That’s how life happens sometimes. We get so focused on finishing our tasks for the day – desiring to simply check them off of our to-do list – that we sometimes forget that we really enjoy what we’re doing! Let’s don’t forget that we are only on this earth for but a moment…make each moment count! Look around you today at all of God’s wonders and really enjoy living the life that He has given you. And remember…the best truly is yet to come:)

Love y’all:)