Unconditional love…

I recently read the book Same Kind of Different as Me. And I have to tell you that it stirred something within me.

As kids, my brother and sister and I went to school in the center of the cotton fields of North Louisiana. Each morning my Momma, a teacher at the school, would try to get us all ready for school and out of the house on time. Inevitably, we were always running behind schedule…My mother is good at near ’bout everything…except being on time. She is allowed this ONE fault:) Anyway, I digress…We would make the twenty minute drive to school, passing all of the perfectly rowed cotton and corn fields. If I would have known then what I know now…that time stands still for no one, I would have digested the beauty of that ride with my family more slowly… I could never wrap my head around why the small houses were RIGHT next to the fields. Why didn’t these houses have a yard? I thought that it just didn’t seem right that the people that worked that field took up all the homeowner’s yard space…Just a passing thought of a pre-teen. I had no idea that my seemingly shallow thought had such a profound answer. Yet, I never asked the question aloud. Thus, my question went unanswered…Until I read this book.

I’m not going to try to re-write the book in this blog, I wouldn’t do it justice. I strongly suggest that you read it for yourself, I promise that you will not find your time spent reading this book to be wasted. Rather, I would like to tell you how the Lord spoke to my heart through the honesty of these two men’s journey and the friendship that God cultivated within them…

Throughout my life, the Lord has spoken to my heart in various ways – through people, a sunset, a beautiful piano forte, a sleeping infant…This time he used the true story of two lives joined together in a divinely appointed friendship. While reading this book I found myself with a familiar desire to serve the Lord by serving His people. I want to love people the way that Christ would have me to…unconditionally. And not just the “lovely” people. This book reminded me that I need to be able to see beyond someone’s current and past circumstances and see the child of God – the person that is made in His own image. I can’t have the mind-set that I’m doing those less “fortunate” than me a favor by helping them….I just want to be so filled with love for God’s creation that I can’t help but give my time, my ideas, my money, my talents in an effort to spread the love of Christ.

God used this book to soften my heart. He spoke to me through the lives of these men, and I’m so thankful for that.

Read the book!

Love y’all!, Beck


That girl is funny.

I’ve about decided that any really good comedian has GOT to have at least a couple of kids…they give you such good material to work with! And if you want to have a long career in making people laugh, you need to have a good amount of space between each birth:)

We are going through our bedtime routine last night…brushing teeth, using the bathroom, vitamins, etc…I pray with Maggie while Michael prays with Baylor and gets her a “sip of water” (my children have a repetitious nature about them…she asked for a sip of water once and now, 6 months later, she HAS to have it to sleep!) When we are each done with one child, we switch – As Baylor and I are talking about something random, since she has already prayed with Daddy and she does not feel it necessary to placate me with another prayer….We hear Dad and Mag laughing so hard in Maggie’s room – and it’s infectious, so we are laughing too and we have no idea why…but who cares, it feels good to laugh:) We ask dad, “what’s so funny?” He tells us what Mag just told him…

” Daddy, my friend showed me the birthmark on her arm today and said that her mom told her that was where an angel had kissed her…Daddy, why did an angel kiss me on my bottom???”

Good question, right?!? I’m not sure if I should have told her this or not, but I did. I told her that her friend’s momma just made that up to make her feel better about where her birthmark was. But don’t tell your friend that, Maggie! I had to tell her the truth. Because let’s be real..she does not need to be thinking that an angel kissed her on her bootie! I remember what my daddy told me to make me feel better about where my birth mark was…I have pigmentation on my right foot, so he told me that if someone was trying to pretend like they were me, he would just have to look at the foot to know for sure…And he told me that at least it wasn’t smack dab in the middle of my face. 🙂

This morning she was looking at my pigmentation on my foot, talking about the birthmarks again. She asked if I had any other ones and I told her that I had one removed from under my chin when I was younger. She asked me, “why?” I told her that it may have been something that would have developed into something bad. And she told me that the Devil must have given me that one. Obviously not an angel…;)